Thursday, December 18, 2008

school , love and hate

long time no post jut thought i'll fill you in about me school and how is it goin 
will u see am kinda of a bi. girl so i like girls who actlike boiz or just look like them here its very normal to have girls like that  we call them boyat aka lesbian tomboys i dont know why but all i know is that i cant picture my life with a guy its just like that 
so there is this boya and se is weirdly staring at us me and my bff jn6oo and really am fallin in luv with her but all i can do is watch her look at my friend with my tears in my eyes my friend didnt know but i just told her and shy says that she is lookin at me i mean come on she is obviously lookin at u hello miss big ass u like her too and the other thing there is this other boya that i was kinda crushing on , and my frend just told me that our friend's told her that she thinks that i love yonii (wht i call that boya )right now am stuck cant move and really cant breath 
btw 2 ppl outta 3 said am scared i dont wanna die on the lhc poll so ppl what are u scared of tell me
                                                                                    Emo DoLl

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