Wednesday, December 24, 2008

can't u feel it its christmas thats why every thing is fallin a part

its official jayjay likes my friend 
not am left here to die
my mom kinda knowabout my bi.ness
i came hme angry i cried in the car i was so  broken now i know i shouldnt cry over her she can go to hell am gonna stay here and if she came back b7sh ryoolha ( an kuwaiti term of am gona cut her feet of ) ya am that mad cant i once like someone and end up happy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh i guess its that way am not tyin to change any thing am kinda cryin andmy heart is dyin  btw speaking of hearts today was the bio test in our school the one that u do some work not just write on paper there way a cuted heart i loved lookn at it , it was so fun i did good and i loved doin goo at stu because schol is the only thing that i can do right and sometimes its the worst thing i do i dont like doin this , i dont like being like this 
                                                                    emo doll

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