Monday, September 22, 2008

nobody reads my stupid blog 
hahaha kinda figured it out not popular at school why should i be online idk 
so i started high school not as bas as u think i thought they were going to kick our asses but they didnt so its all gd except the sad part i dont like talking about it 
so hopefully i will blog again and hopefully someone will read it 

Friday, September 12, 2008

omg school school school ewwwwww !!!!!!!!

omg school is tomorrow my brother thinks am over reacting about the new school (high school ) my best friend aint gonna be with me so am gonna get stuck with the same old vail group of ppl topping that my annoying cousin that is joining me this year so its pretty intense am gonna try to keep my grades mostly a's but who knows . 
the thing that am sure am going to fail at in p.e aka gym class i am not athletic by my look u can say that i am way into sport coz am skinny like a stick but am not that much of a sports girl am more of a musician girl dancing keeps me in shape .
so its 5.08 9-23th so am really stressed out i look like a living dead cuz i haven't slept in over 24 hours 

high school drama

the title sounds like an episode of gossip girl .......
but i really am scared of high school
yes am a 10th grader i should be in it from last year but am not 
its the stupid educational system of kuwait 
so am most likely gona scream the day i walk throw that door 
and guess wht the girls that i strongly dislike am not gonna say hate coz for me its a big world i only use it for some ppl that r anti-emo , anti-freedom and anti-youtube (am so random)
so school starts on the 9-14th am died meet my bff failed a subject and now she is redoing the year i think i might going to help her i feel really bad about it alot of ppl i know is re-doing the 9th grade am sad 4 them some of them not all of them and some am happy that they wont be in high school with me coz they were the mean girls now lets see who kicked who's ass ...........
now i feel like a cant breath coz school is near oh dear god 

i love the lhc (i've changed my mind )

hey again i think that the world will  not be sucked into a black hole but shouldn't the kuwaiti and arabic news say something about about it apparently not they enjoy being the last to know i swear i was looking  for it in the news i ended up watching cnn i know  ............ now i think the lhc is a wonderful learning experience that am NOT willing to die for it lol
but its good to learn about thing's mass and how the universe was created ( yay more for us to study about ) geek !!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


omg i cant take it anymore its getting kinda of annoying when every body asks u why r u emo ? i got tired of answering so i am just ignoring it am not answering any stupid questions any more 
that was the first omg the second omg its i have to go to an social meeting at my mom's cousin house i have to go i really dont want to these ppl are so different than me i cant stand how shallow they are they are a fu*kin joke .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my biggest insecurity

i am so afraid that ppl r going to hate me or simply just make fun of me , i wonder what is it like to know ppl who are not from ur circle of friends , but thinkin of it makes me super insecure i have no self-stem . i cant really blend in thats why my public school suck i tend to speak english all the time so girls think am showing-off  but am not i just cant help it and am not stopping .am almost crying coz of this i cant really go anywhere thats why am always in or just hangin with the same ppl all the time it kinda suck but i kinda got used to it and every body thinks am kinda weird but wht is normal , maybe normal means robots , i rather be weird and different than roboty and same as every one 
                                                                                                                     emo doll 15

THE LHC sucks

hey all were all gonna die
guess what the scientist   of uk want to make to proton whtever crash together omg it might end up creating a black hole and suckin us all but its just am experiment there not ever sure whats gonna happen omg they suck i have lost faith in every one this might kill us all i wanna bite  their heads off  man this suckes