Friday, September 12, 2008

high school drama

the title sounds like an episode of gossip girl .......
but i really am scared of high school
yes am a 10th grader i should be in it from last year but am not 
its the stupid educational system of kuwait 
so am most likely gona scream the day i walk throw that door 
and guess wht the girls that i strongly dislike am not gonna say hate coz for me its a big world i only use it for some ppl that r anti-emo , anti-freedom and anti-youtube (am so random)
so school starts on the 9-14th am died meet my bff failed a subject and now she is redoing the year i think i might going to help her i feel really bad about it alot of ppl i know is re-doing the 9th grade am sad 4 them some of them not all of them and some am happy that they wont be in high school with me coz they were the mean girls now lets see who kicked who's ass ...........
now i feel like a cant breath coz school is near oh dear god 

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